Who Are We?

GetStarted UK provide help and support to new start-up businesses and individuals across the UK. After an initial free consultation call we tailor a package of start-up services specifically for you and your business. You can also choose your own package.


Our Service:


  • Identify all the relevant start-up services required for your business
  • Save you the time of sourcing these start-up services
  • Bring these services together creating one port-of-call
  • Significantly reduce the often prohibitive costs of preparing a small business ready to trade


Our Mission

To help eliminate the financial and operational barriers of starting a small business in the UK by providing a complete start-up support service to any individual regardless of their background, resources or experience.

GetStarted UK is a company with a social mission to help as many start-up businesses in the UK as possible regardless of size, sector or resources. Our passion lies in supporting mainly pre-startup businesses by reducing their costs, saving their time and preparing them to trade.


Our Commitment

We are committed to providing a service which is accessible to any business or individual of any size, in any sector.

Our passion lies in supporting businesses, often pre-startup, by removing the hassle and distraction of preparing a business ready to trade.

We believe in bringing as many high-quality essential business services together into one, tailored, business-in-a-box at a price accessible to any businesses or individual.

Driven by a passion to help all.


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